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Shop for Space Saver Storage

Midwest Storage Solutions offers all kinds of agencies with the right space-saving method to freeze the warehouse footprint so you will stop expanding as well as start saving on the space. In place of leasing out warehouse space, we can help you to co-locate as well as consolidate the stored items such as vehicles, ammunition, boxes, or other materials in the existing owned warehouse with space saver storage solution. All along with the space-saving storage, we offer solutions for solving the productivity as well as inventory control issues.


Automate Storage & Retrieval in Warehouse

The first space-saving tip will be automating the storage and the retrieval in the warehouse. How will you do this? There’re a lot of ways, however, what we suggest is making use of vertical lifts or carousels as they can take some unused overhead space as well as convert this in the productive storage space. And with the vertical lifts and the carousels, you will freeze the warehouse footprint & vastly decrease its floor space that is dedicated to the storage. Some additional benefits will include,


  1. Using the right software that optimizes the inventory control management
  2. Bringing the stored items to the ergonomically positioned counter for improving the productivity
  3. Providing a lockable safe storage environment for the inventory 
  4. Storing various material and parts (small, and large)


Space Efficient 


The heavy-duty shelving is best for space saver storage solution. Some builds will allow you as well as the team to use the vertical space for the storage in place of floor space. In an absence of the vertical storage, you will require more floor space just to ensure all the products fit in perfectly. Also, the heavy-duty shelving creates the room to organize as well as store the products vertically or take them with complete ease when there is a need. The solution not just saves the storage space but plenty of money also.



The industrial shelving design gives access to the stored goods from any side of shelves as well as from both ends. The model is necessary for the companies who are seeking to improve the productivity of the employees just by reducing the time wasted getting products from the storage. Subsequently, shelving allows for the better use of the forklifts as well as the performance of the critical warehouse operations such as transfer, dispatch, or secure storage. Equally, fixtures make good use of the space resulting in better organization.


Comes Durable


Large storage of the products with different weights necessitates weight capacity as well as the sturdiness of the heavy-duty shelving. As shelving infrastructure will open up any space, this optimizes the use of available space. And two-tier shelves will go up to the ceiling and maximizing the storage capacity. So, with the best design as well as build, the shelves are a safe business investment, which is sure for lasting a long time.

Top Reasons to Select High Density Storage Solution

Simple and plain this is a number one reason for you to select the high density storage solution as the solution. So, by eliminating aisles, one can have the same storage ability in half its space. You can create a little more room for the people as well as other activities; however, you have not sacrificed the storage space.


Benefits of the high density filing

Are you searching for better storage or more productive environments? It is the right time that you invest in the high density filing. The high density systems are the mobile systems, office carts, rotary files, or office cabinets. High density storage solutions are made to provide office environments with better space efficiency in a cost-effective way. For best space efficiency, it is suggested that the companies buy specialty storage or filing devices. So, by having high density systems, you may maximize the official capacity as well as enhance the overall productivity of the employees.


The high-density solution will offer you the convenience of the movable shelving as well as mobility of the file systems doesn’t matter how big and small of the office environment you need to use. You may format the high density systems in whichever way you want.


It is very beneficial to make use of the high-density storage solution in your office because filing systems are good for logging or tracking inventory, booking keeping, performing any stress-free audits, as well as maintaining the work environment, which is rightly managed. Let Midwest Storage Solution improve your office workflow just by eliminating the office clutter as well as protecting all your sensitive documents. Keep in mind, the organized work staff will be key to business success.


Durable, Efficient or Customizable Storage Facilities


The importance of making use of durable, efficient, as well as customizable storage facilities, will not be overemphasized. The warehouse boltless shelving can provide you with benefits that are mentioned above at affordable prices as well as guaranteed longevity. At Midwest Storage Solution, you will get all types of storage solutions shelving at the low costs. You can contact us for the free quote or you can speak with the Sales representative for the custom applications.


High density storage is not only for the paper files. This is for all types of “stuff.” Have the extensive resource library, the archival records boxes, or supplies for storing in the office? The high density storage will be outfitted with the shelves of various shapes and sizes, and include drawers and bins to completely house whatever you want to store.


High-density units are completely customizable. You can store all types of units and materials that you want in these storage units freely. 


Even though the locking devices are accessible on mobile products—and making locking up simple as just one key turn for the whole unit, the electronic programmable modules provide ultimate in the system security.

Modernizing Your Library Storage – Choose the Best One

Libraries today are evolving at a high pace. They are shifting from one place to just check out the book and study to be the pillar of communities. It means offering this full gamut of the resources—the computer labs, collaboration centers, meeting rooms, cafes, or more. With the evolution comes the inevitable question—where’s all the space for doing it? At Midwest storage solution, we have the answer to this question. You can visit our website and get complete information on choosing the custom library shelving and how it can prove the best option for you.


Library Shelving provides the classic look and flexible design that will accommodate many different books, periodicals as well as reference shelves. Real wood and laminate end panels will add the rich finished look. These shelves are also adjustable to accommodate the wide range of the media that makes the cantilever custom shelving the go-to storage solution for the academic institutions, public libraries, and corporate businesses. Also, many different accessories are accessible for custom configurations.  Midwest Storage Solution offers a wide range of the shelving styles that will meet any kind of storage requirement. The stationary and free-standing custom shelving is easily available, standard and custom configured in the steel or wood laminate combinations, we have it and much more. All the styles are accessible in the different depths & heights. All custom shelving units are customizable infinitely for the adaptable & aesthetically pleasing areas on your library floor, which includes the option to add the concealed casters, which turn stationary shelving in the mobile carts.


Flexibility is important to space’s versatility — that is why the library’s stationary shelving option does not always need to be stationary. The heavy-duty casters (or wheels) are accessible for all the shelving units that will turn these versatile library shelves in the mobile carts, it means your library’s space will be reconfigurable completely on a fly by the staff. It provides a lot of room for the activity in kids areas when the library is holding any event. The shelving systems are accessible in various sizes that actually makes them the most appropriate options for all types of companies. Because of this, the shelving systems will be used in hospitals, offices, shops or other places, which need extra storage space.


With space constraints that a lot of companies are facing continuously, demand for better storage is increasing. There’re different types of storage systems accessible now for the different environments, like factories and warehouses and medial industry. The ideal storage solution must help to meet various needs like taking up the little floor space, offering good storage space & be simple to use. Luckily, there are storage systems, which will meet these requirements. The systems are well known as the shelving systems and are beneficial, doesn’t matter where they used to be. Thus, it is very important that you look at some benefits of using the right storage solutions for your industry.